Inlägg märkta ‘Doublestone’

Så i går pratade vi lite om vad de bästa släppen på den svenska scenen var. Alla de skivorna stod sig bra även i en internationell konkurrens, tro inget annat, men jag gillar att dela upp det. Om inte annat så för att mitt hårda kalla hjärta klappar lite extra för den lokala scenen. Men nu är det dags att vidga horisonten. Vad var bäst utanför Sveriges gränser år 2013?


Doomlobbyn listens to: danish retro fuzz

Postat: november 7, 2013 av doomionista i Doomlobbyn lyssnar på, Recension

It’swingmakers_cover high time for another post, and pretentiously enough this will be in English. That’s because of the nice danish lads in Doublestone who had the grace of sending me a preview copy of their new album. Which was released yesterday. While I’m certain they’ll be able to understand me even if I write in Swedish I thought it nice to write a review which can reach outside the borders of our little doom encrusted Scandinavia. Or possibly I’m fishing desperately for hits, who knows? (Don’t judge me!)

Wingmakers is the Copenhagen based trio Doublestones fourth release, but their first in the full lenght format. Recorded and mixed by Tony Reed of Mos Generator/Stone Axe fame it has a warm and very 70’s sound spread over ten songs.

The fact that we can relate to occult retro-metal as a scene might be a warning sign to some, I mean how many bands can possibly fit into the old worn out bell bottoms and sheep skin vests of the 70’s? Well, I’ll just let the irrevocably hip and the incurably kvlt fight that one out. I can take more bands in this vein, especially if they’re as good as Doublestone.

This is not trippy acidic satanist biker rock, like Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, nor is it Jethro Tull-evoking flutedriven evil hippie tunes like Jess and the Ancient Ones or Blood Ceremony. Doublestone delivers basic occult boogie rock with that simplicity that the danish do so well.

The opener, ”Save our Souls”, sets the tone for the album. Pretty straight forward fuzz with one leg firmly in bands like early Deep Purple and likewise early Helix (think the ”Leather and Lace”-album)and the other leg somewhere in Glenn Danzig’s dark domain. The obvious comparison would be Sweden’s own Graveyard but they stand out well enough on their own to not come of as a copy. The singer and guitarist Bo Blond has a very good voice for this kind of music, a strangely attractive mix of the Evil Elvis and David Eugene Edwards. (Just listen to tracks four ”Born Under a Hollow Moon” and five ”Wingmakers” if you don’t believe me, it’s a bit like 16 Horsepower and Noir Desir covering something off How Gods Kill).

Heh… I suppose poor Doublestone will never live up to the kind of expectations I set by writing that, but I hold it true that they are genuinely good and worth giving a shot if you’re into the occult retro-metal scene.

The track ”Bringer of Light” (linked above) with it’s very southern intro riff and it’s slow heavy atmosphere is probably my favourite off the album. Bass player Kristian Blond and drummer Michael Bruun setting up a very solid foundation for Bo’s guitars and vocals. No thrills, apart from the wah-wah in the intro and a truly lovely breakdown around the two minute mark.

Also well worth checking out is the album’s eight song ”The Endless Line” with a beautiful driving bass line and some really classic Black Sabbath vibes.

Also, the possibly best thing of all this, you’ve actually wasted your time reading me blather on about this album. The band themselves are using my favourite service Bandcamp and have put it up there for a ”name your price” download. So you can check it out, make up your own mind and support the band.